RenderShot Single Click Submission Tutorial


Please download the RenderShare application for your operating system and install the application:


Launch the RenderShare app and login with your online user credentials then go to plugin section and install the KeyShot plugin version which is available on your machine and make sure you see the successful installation message which confirm the plugins is installed correctly.


Open up the KeyShot application, go to scripting console and run RenderShare KeyShot submitter:


The submitter tool redirects you to online KeyShot Advanced Submitter by opening the system default browser and when the submission is done it starts uploading the source file using RenderShare.
So make sure RenderShare is open during the whole submission process, KeyShot or the KeyShot submitter can be closed though after the script process is done.

There are also two types of export modes :
  • Basic : This mode is expiring all of the necessary data for the online submission interface
  • Deep : This mode is exporting all internal data of the KeyShot internal objects like Studios , Image Styles and so on. in large scenes this may increase the submit time significantly and so this method is not suggested unless you see some sort of discrepancy between your local render and the farm render.
KeyShot Submitter Manual

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