KeyShot Submitter

This method needs the KeyShot submitter which can be installed using RenderShare Application under the plugins tab.

What it KeyShot Submitter?

KeyShot Submitter is our own developed version of a single click submitter script inside KeyShot application which simply allows you to submit your project without need of upload and submit manually through the online submission system.

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KeyShot Submitter

What is the benefit of using KeyShot submitter?

Here are some of most noticeable features about KeyShot Submitter

  • Automates the process of packaging scene and job submission
  • The submitter is doing a bunch of checks and validation which is reducing the human mistakes
  • There are some limitations and specific naming rules that submitter warns you about them before you submit your job
  • It allows you to submit multiple cameras, model set and also every combination of these two which speed up the submission process significantly
  • Submitter allows you to submit more than one job at a time
  • Submitter ensures that your scene data is transferring to render servers correctly
Submitter Demo
How it works?

KeyShot Submitter offering two general submission method

Submit New Job

Submit New Job

This option allows you to submit a new job based on the opened scene in KeyShot (active scene), it packages, extracts scene data, uploads and submit it to farm and entire workflow from submitting to final delivery is automated.

Use Existing Project

Use Existing Project

This is what we call it “Smart Submit” or “Re-Submit” and as the name implies this option lets you re-submit the projects you have already submitted; it updates submit data with new inputs/setting. Re-submit always uses uploaded/exported packages and this means there is no need to create and upload a new package which reduces the submit time to just a few seconds. Re-submit is completely rely on the already submitted files so you can use this option even without opening the file, this could be run in an empty scene.

This option enables you to submit any of the packages/files that lives in Project_Files folder which is the main repository for source file and its part of sync folder.

Select Submit
Submitter Features

General Submitter Parameters

Output Resolutions

Image Width: overrides output image width in the pixel
Image Height: overrides output image height in the pixel
Rest of setting related to resolution setting grabs file setting

Output Format: overrides image output format
Formats that are not listed in this drop down is not supported


Render Plan

This is defining the amount of power you get for your job, more power costs you more as well, there are some more explanation on the pricing page: Pricing-Discount

Please make sure you are choosing a correct job type as some of the plans are only works well with animation jobs, choosing wrong plan may give your job a wrong priority.


Frame Range

Start Frame: overrides animation start frame
End Frame: overrides animation end frame
Step Frame: enables you to render every nth frame of the animation

Combination of step frame and lowering the resolution is a good idea to run a animation preview before running full frame at final resolution


Custom Frame Range

This option gives you the ultimate flexibly to set the desired frame range:

  • Use a comma (,) to separate frames
  • Use comma (-) to separate frame ranges
  • Single frame is accepted: [ ex: 1]
  • Multiple single frames are accepted: [ ex: 1,25,50]
  • Animation range is accepted [ ex: 1-15]
  • Multiple animation ranges are accepted: [ ex: 1-50,50-300]
  • Combination of single frames and ranges is accepted [ ex: 1,5-15,70,250-300]
custom frame

Select Studio

The most powerful KeyShot and RenderShare concept and feature to reduce amount of uploads and put different combinations of scene setup in a single file.

From KeyShot Producers : "Studios (Pro feature) allow you to combine and save scene/model/material variations in one file for quick creation and presentation. Studios may contain any combination of Camera, Environment, Image Styles, Models Sets or Multi-Materials."


Upload Only

Regular submission workflow creates a package per job , puts it in sync folder and it also submits a job in your online panel , but this option is a choice to lets you just export job package and then submit it manually through online submission form or using “Use Existing Project ” which is already explained.

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