Why We Make Use of a Dedicated Render Farm?

December 5, 2018

Why We Make Use of a Dedicated Render Farm?

An increasing amount of 3D software and render engines for almost every 3D software out there has pushed so many users into the search for a quality cloud render farm that can supper a wide range of 3D software without breaking the bank.

A dedicated render farm is made to render from specific softwares – this helps in extracting the full potential of the hardware and software systems attached to it, and hence gives out the best rendering services quality to users.

As the most prominent and officially certified dedicated KeyShot render farm that is fully automated for Keyshot renderings, RenderShot is dedicated to render all kinds of KeyShot projects.

RenderShot gives off a range of benefits that every user will enjoy irrespective of the price plan you choose – these advantages include;


  • It is a fully automated KeyShot Cloud Render farm that makes use of up to date technology that is focused on the KeyShot Software.
  • The only dedicated KeyShot render farm with the capability of submit job with just a single click.
  • Makes rendering as easy as possible while eliminating any technical issues that can arise from the KeyShot software.
  • Controlled and managed by a focused RenderShot programming team for Keyshot software. So, users are assured of consistent plugins update and addition of new features.
  • Utilizes a robust CPU power for rendering all KeyShot projects.
  • Its dedicated rendering servers provides an easy gateway to use the maximum hardware power possible.
  • Gives users access to the recent version of KeyShot .
  • Enjoy a 27/7 Technical Support manned by dedicated KeyShot experts to solve all your queries.
  • Be able to use a render farm that is certified by KeyShot Company.
  • Make use of custom render planes that are built for all types of projects.
  • Full support for all KeyShot render services such as still image, animation, tile render and XR rendering.

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