RenderShot Exclusive Plugin for KeyShot

December 5, 2018

RenderShot Exclusive Plugin for KeyShot

Currently, RenderShot is considered as the only complete KeyShot Cloud rendering services. Its plugin provides an intuitive single-click function that helps users submit jobs for rendering with just a single-mouse click. It is also considered the only plugin in the rendering industry with such capability.

Below is an explanation of other amazing features this One Touch Rendering  plugin will provide to users to let them enjoy a seamless rendering workflow.


The One-Touch Rendering Solution

The ability of this plugin spans from allowing project submissions for rendering to be done in less than no time. It enables users to perform all their renderings directly within the Keyshot rendering software. What is most amazing about this plugin is the ease with which the collection, delivery and receiving of the rendered projects is done – automatically without the user having to do anything but just a single click.


Known as a Submitting Plugin

It is a KeyShot submission plugin for all kinds of rendering projects – from Animation, Still images, Multi-camera rendering projects etc. And this plugin can be used right from the KeyShot scripting console.


Ability to Push Multi-Camera Projects for Rendering Using Just One Button

In addition, it is the go-to plugin when you want to easily submit projects with multiple angle views for rendering. And this can all be done at the same moment, hence, giving you a seamless and faster way to render your projects with just a single button.


Smartly Export Files

Smart export provides users with the ability to go in and make changes even after their projects have been sent for rendering. This removes the stress associated with having to re-send you projects each time you make any new change.

The benefits as listed above are just part of a bunch that you will enjoy once you start making use of this plugin on RenderShot on our keyShot cloud render farm.


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