RenderShare Startup Configuration

Startup Configuration

What is File Depot and where to locate it?

File Depot is the RenderShare local storage which gets synced with our online server and all RenderShare submitters are storing source files in this folder. For any manual submission you would also have to put source files here as well.


File Deletion – Expiration:

This option is allowing to set the expiration time for files in File Depot, every file will get deleted after the specified days, you can also change this in app settings afterward.

RenderShare Settings

Submit Logs:

In case of seeing issues with any of our submitters or the main RenderShare application, you can submit the logs using this button, if the issue is blocking you to continue working with the app you can contact live or email support to get assistance.


Number of Allowed Concurrent Uploads:

By default, RenderShare is uploading single file at a time to maximize the stability but you are free to change this behavior and speed up the upload process for multiple files.



To move the File Depot, before doing anything make sure you have a proper backup of the files, then open the app, on the top right corner open the menu with your username as a label and “Remove” the account, then app is sending you back to configuration page and there you can choose a new folder.

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